Thursday, October 29, 2020

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(1) There shall be a service to be known as the County Assembly Service.

(2) The Service shall be an institution of exemplary administrative and technical competence.

(3)  In the performance of their functions, employees of the Service shall not seek or receive directions from any source external to the Service.

(4)  Every member of the County Assembly shall respect the non-partisan and apolitical character of the Service and shall not seek to influence employees of the Service in the discharge of their functions.


Hon. Speaker David Kerich                          Hon Solomon Makal 

Chairman, CASB                                         Vice Chairman, CASB   


         CPA, Richard Koech                          Hon. Purity Tallam

       Secretary, CASB                                Member, CASB

DSC0037  DSC0053 

     Hon. Maccah Hamisi                      Hon Rev. Boiwo    

       Member, CASB                          Member, CASB       

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