Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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Clerk to the BCA

Mr. Joseph Koech
Clerk of The County Assembly

The Baringo County Assembly derives its existence and roles from Articles 191 and 192 and in the 4th Schedule of the constitution of Kenya and the County Government Act of 2012. As an assembly, we are devoted to proper representation, making of laws and holding the county government accountable for its actions, policies and spending.

The functions of the assembly include:

  • Making new laws and updating old laws.
  • Approving the county government taxes and spending
  • Holding the government to account for its policies and actions.
  • Representing the people of Baringo County.

Mr. Joseph Koech is the Clerk of Baringo County Assembly.He holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Management from Moi University and Diploma in Human Resource Management. He is also Certified Public Secretary. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Business Adminstration in Catholic University He has vast experience in Adminstrative matters having served as a Town Clerk between 1997 -2013 in various Municipal Councils.He moved to Baringo County Assembly at the beginning of 2013 to serve as the first Clerk of the County Assembly of Baringo under the devolved system of government.



Mrs Chepkemoi Chemase

(i) Co-ordinate, including identifying appropriate institutions/parliaments for the attachment and exposure of staff to develop their capacity and to offer generally appropriate support to Members of County Assembly in the light of the demands of the Constitution of Kenya,2010 and County Government Act, 2012.

(ii) development by researching, drafting and production of procedure in general and specifically the Standing Orders for the County Assembly in time for the implementation of the Constitution and County Government Act 2012 .
(iii) Co-ordinate the development by researching, drafting and production of modules for the orientation / induction of Members the County Assemblies, including their Speakers and staff.
(iv) Carry out any chores necessary for County Assembly to accomplish its role and functions, as directed by the Speaker, the Baringo County Assembly Service Board and the Clerk.

(v) Consultant on all matters of the procedure, management and administration of Parliament, to that end, avail advice to the Speaker (all Presiding Officers) all Members of County Assembly including to Select Committees, the staff and other persons as appropriate.
(vi) Training and Capacity Development of Members of County Assembly and staff.
(vii) Co-ordinate the training and capacity development needs of Members of County Assembly and staff.
(viii) Oversee the establishment of proper structures for training institution to facilitate in capacity building.
(ix) Co-ordinate modalities for the preparation of strategic plan for the 30 wards in the County.



(i) General supervision of all Departments
(ii) External relations including international, inter-parliamentary relations, conferences and protocol affairs
(iii) Enhancing public understanding and knowledge of the work of Parliament and increasing public accessibility and awareness and the operations
(iv) Offering procedural advice to Mr. Speaker, other Presiding officers and Members of County Assembly as required and overseeing the proceedings of the House;
(v) Preparation and presentation of orientation programmes for newly elected members of County Assembly;
(vi) Induction and management of parliamentary internship programme and Supervisory coordination of all the Departments

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