Thursday, October 29, 2020

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       Hon. David Kiplagat

Speaker of The County Assembly


Hon. David Kiplagat is the second Speaker of Baringo County Assembly.
He holds a Diploma inLaw from Kenya Law School and BLL. Degree in Law from the Nairobi University . Hon. Kiplagat has vast experience in Law, He is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya with over 20 years experience in Legal Pracice with a wide experience in active practice in Litigation,Conveyancing,Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR),Commercial Law and practice spanning from  public to private sector.


Hon Selemoi Ameja Kapchepkow

Hon.AmejaZelemoiMCAChuroAmayaWardDeputySpeakerI feel privileged and honored to welcome you to the Baringo County Assembly official website. This is a milestone achievement in making the assembly more accessible and responsible to the changing needs of our society especially as we all strive to move from the analogue era and climb the digital pedestal. The world has become a global village courtesy of the ever changing technology and in order to remain relevant, reputable institutions such as ours have no option but to reengineer our processes to embrace the new technology. The need to empower citizenry with the right information and equally receive the right feedback in good time and form has informed our decision to join the rest of the world in the digital platform. Our pride as an assembly is to provide the citizens, suppliers, authorities and the entire world with practical answers to their questions at the least cost possible. There is no better way of doing it except through making ourselves available at all times through our user friendly website.
The immense technical, financial and moral effort that has gone into this endeavor is directly attributable to the goodwill we enjoy from the public, the government, suppliers, staff and more so the honorable members of this great house. As pioneers of the first county assembly, our major task is to develop the necessary infrastructure and to continuously improve on it in line with the dynamic public needs, changes in legislation and the new developments in the global arena
To this end we implore all our stakeholders to apply some level of restraint and patience in times when we are unable to meet some of our commitments to them. We promise to minimize such scenarios and give due attention to genuine engagements aimed at making us perform even better.
Finally, allow me to invite you to this great journey of enactment of legislation, oversight of county institutions and representation of the citizens in our beloved county of Baringo. We cannot lose the living spirit and vision of our great governor H.E Stanley K. Kiptis of transforming our county into a county of choice where everybody has an opportunity to create wealth as well as share in the county cake.

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