• County Assembly Building
  • Clerks at the Table
  • Administration of Oath
  • The Hon Speaker Leads Meambers in Prayer before Session
  • Public Participation forum in Eldama Ravine Social Hall
  • Kabarnet Eldoret Highway
  • Samatian-island-L.Baringo
  • Geyser-L.Bogoria


The mandate of the BCASB as stipulated in section 11 of the County Assemblies Service Act No. 24 of 2017 shall be to (1) (a) direct and supervise the administration of the services and facilities provided by, and exercise budgetary control over, the Service; (b) determine and review terms and conditions of service of persons holding or acting in the offices of the Service; (c) initiate, co-ordinate and harmonize policies and strategies relating to the development of the Service; (d) initiate programmes- (i) for training and capacity building of members of staff of the county assembly and other persons; (ii) that promote ideals of parliamentary democracy as set out in Article 127(6)(d) of the Constitution; and (iii) that promote public awareness and participation in the activities of the county assembly; and (e) do such other things as may be necessary for the well being of the members and staff of the county assembly. (2) In the performance of its functions under this Act, the Board shall apply- (the national values and principles of governance set out in Article 10 of the constitution; and (b) the values and principles of public service set out in Article 232(1)of the Constitution.

  1. There shall be a service to be known as the County Assembly Service.
  2. The Service shall be an institution of exemplary administrative and technical competence.
  3. In the performance of their functions, employees of the Service shall not seek or receive directions from any source external to the Service.
  4. Every member of the County Assembly shall respect the non-partisan and apolitical character of the Service and shall not seek to influence employees of the Service in the discharge of their functions.
hon. david kerich speaker baringo county assembly

Hon. Speaker David Kerich

Chairman, CASB

hon. solomon makal mca kolowa ward

Hon Solomon Makal

Vice Chairman, CASB

hon. purity tallam nominated mca

Hon. Purity Tallam

Member, CASB


Hon Rev Bolwo

Member, CASB




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