Sunday, November 29, 2020

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About Baringo County Assembly

Baringo County Aovernment came into existence after the 4th March 2013 general election in Kenya. Baringo County Government consist of Baringo County Assembly and Baringo County Executive. The Speaker is the Head of the County Assembly and the Clerk is the Chief Executive Officer. Other

Members of the County Assembly are;

  • Deputy Speaker
  • Leader of Majority
  • Leader of Minority
  • 30 Elected Members
  • 18 Nominated Members




To be a model, independent, competitive and development oriented County Assembly in Kenya.


To promote the principles of good governance through legislation, oversight and representation to reflect the interest, welfare and aspiration of the people of Baringo County.


To efficiently and effectively excute its constitution mandate for the promotion of democratic governance and achievement of sustainable development.

  • Democracy
  • Integrity
  • Rule of Law
  • Human dignity and Social Justice
  • Diplomacy and Consensus building
  • Equity and Equality

The BCA is mandated to strengthen democracy and good governance through its key functions which are;

  • Enact legislation for the good of the County
  • To maintain oversight to the County Executive on behalf of the people
  • Respresent the aspiration of the Wards for the promotion of democracy, good governance and achievements for sustainable development.






Assembly Highlights